A downloadable rotting township


An era is rising from under the wastes; a crisis emerging as merciless grace spills forth from all sides, under arms. Sitting a terminal vigil — Hexcraft: Eventide Sigil

Eventide Sigil is an experimental first person permadeath adventure set in the post-industrial wreckage of a Midwestern town. It is concerned with crisis and mythic violence in the twilight of idols, and with the terrible grace of the wretched world to come. Critical features include:

> Seven AI enemies, with their own thoughts, feelings, and goals

> A complex and dynamic agent-based town simulation

> Ineffectual policing, accurate to government data

> The now errant knights of the dead King Arthur

> Several endings of increasing complexity

> A wide array of esoteric items

> Procedural local news

There is an inscrutable simulation running in the background of Eventide Sigil, proceeding according to logical, mechanistic rules, yet far too opaque for any lone actor to fully comprehend. Each and every move you make has a profound impact on the town — but you'll never be sure precisely what, or how. Can a butterfly in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas? Can a cyberspace sojourn cause a shooting in Sigil?

 I don't know. Maybe.

Eventide Sigil arrives August 2020

Published 7 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Yes.  Yes.

So amped

Dang-- its going to be hard to top PAGAN III, but I think you'll manage.