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Absolutley love the environments you've crafted in these games. The humor, sounds, and overall mystery of these projects is incredibly enthralling. Please keep up the good work! It is definitely appreciated.

Nice Mustang.

Just finished playing the PAGAN series so far and I'm a fan. I love art that still has the idolatrous glow of an occult object, though that may be more of an eye of the beholder thing. The experience of playing these games reminds me of David Lynch's work in that the imagery and atmosphere affect me at the level of feeling without exposition or explanation. The intense sense of significance coming from images and events I can't understand or explain at the rational level is uncanny. If I had to scrounge a complaint, it would be that you chose Rider-Waite over the Marseille Tarot for Autogeny, but that's both petty and personal. Looking forward to more of your work, and deeply curious about the occult beliefs behind it. 

Also, that weird instrumental version of Northwest Passage at the end of Emporium is great

i wish i was better at interpreting art games. please keep making content because i am obsessed with this. thanks for making it

hi, big thx for this experience. greetings from germany