A Few Updates

Firstly, OLEANDER GARDEN remains distinctly not-dead. We (I?) are (am?) powerfully aware that two months of radio silence is an eon in internet time, so this seems like something that ought to be said. 

Secondly, consider this a tentative announcement of a third PAGAN game! It will probably come out two or three months from now, and will be a bit more of a proper "game" (though no less weird!). Think Majora's Mask, except with severe mental illness and a caffeine addiction. 

Thirdly, by way of explanation for this period of relative absence, may we present (as a HALLOWEEN HEX) The Triumph of Ulysses, our latest neo-classical-synthesized-hell-tune from the depths of Erebus. You can listen to it below.

See you all soon! With great affection, 

- OleanderGarden


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