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I played this in my video (I couldn't find the last floppy disc)

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I enjoyed the weird fever dream. I *think* I got both endings but it was hard to tell what the title of the second ending was.


'entirely pleasant nightmare' is right! ive never felt so unnerved [my best comparison is when you accidentally touch seaweed while wading in the ocean but also the seaweed is mumbling vague threats] by a game. but when i reached the ending [the disclosive end specifically] and started reading, paired w the classical music, it was like id been led to this like, comfortable pocket dimension within the game. i think itll take me another playthrough or two and some time to really chew on the themes of the game to fully appreciate/understand it, but this is definitely a hidden gem ill be recommending to all my friends

Hello! I'd really love to check out this game, but when I boot it I just get the unity logo and then a blank screen with wind blowing noises :( Do you know if there's a fix for this?

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Is this supposed to be a game about how humanity's sophisticated nature brings it anguish and makes it miserable and pretensious, drawing evil and self-destruction through idle lifestyle?

welp, wtf lol was a confusing but held my atenttion soooo go it

Ok. I don't know what you have done to me, but you have me intrigued. I now want to know more about your inspirations & ideas behind the game. I am very pleased I came across your game because I enjoy playing things that are different. This is very surreal & I urge anyone looking at this page right now to download & play for yourself.


I was both intrigued and confused at the same time on what the game was, but I played it non the less. Here's my video on the game if you want to see.

I enjoyed it, not sure what it was but I enjoyed it, thanks for making it available for us to play! I did a video of my play thru, i hope you don't mind!