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i cant download it? my computer seems to think it doesnt exist or something

golf is intense.

I'm late in playing this, but it popped up in Popular and I'd never seen it.  Really cool idea, really freaky, everything needed in a horror game.  The mini-golf was a little frustrating, but that just makes it more like regular mini golf in my eyes lol.  Terrific short experience, one to remember.  This is the second game in the video - 18:07  

Some calm mini-golf

I love the idea of taking a normal, everyday event, and adding a surreal twist to it. Even better if I get to talk about my childhood and playing putt putt golf at a campground.

Thanks for the game.

This game was extremely unique in the fact that it was more or less a meta horror game mixed with a sports game. I'm absolutely in love with the low-poly visuals mixed with the VHS effect of this. The sound engineering was great and the game ran pretty smooth as well. It definitely seemed pretty innocent for a while there, and really made me want to go out and play mini-golf! This game is art. Thank you so much for making this! Can't wait to see more from you!

I strongly enjoyed this! Personally, I think this is the coolest unique horror game I've played. The idea is like Baldi's Basics where an uncommon topic takes on horror and I'd wish to see more like that. I know of a developer that tweeted about a bowling horror game, but that never came around to development.

Maybe not the best minigolf game on the gameplay side of things, but I guess that isn't the main focus. Having got some memories of playing random PC games from CD's wrapped in paper or cardboard envelopes, the graphical style I think is quite spot-on, in that tidy, but featureless way. The filter makes it seem like an old VHS recording of a said game, though, maybe that's the "fever" or "dream" part.

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